Vocal Coaching

Beth has been coaching local singers, professional bands, studio performers, worship leaders and stage students for nine years. She has trained artists from large record labels and even people who just want to grow in confidence – something which singing can really help with.

Basing her teaching on studied contemporary vocal technique, Beth can help you improve your vocal registers, placement, tone, performance techniques and how to hit the high notes. Lessons are held in Rugby and are £99 for four sessions or £27 per hour long session.

For those of you who don’t live anywhere near Warwickshire, Beth does one day intensive learning courses for £135.

Student comments:

“After I began lessons with Beth Tysall, I noticed my voice took on a completely different quality. I also noticed my confidence grow and it has helped me a great deal with my vocal style and capability. She has taught me techniques to cope with being in a band, which is hard work! Beth is widely regarded as a good person and teacher.” Beffy Reeder of New Town Revival

“I would highly recommend Beth as a teacher, for both adults and children. I have been having singing lessons with Beth now for about three years, and also recently started guitar lessons with her too.
Not only has Beth helped my voice, but she has inspired me to find my confidence and helped me to be the person I want to be.  Beth is patient, and encouraging, and always has a positive attitude towards teaching, at the end of the lesson, you always walk out with a smile and a sense of achievement.” Kirsty Bryson of Worship Academy

For more information, please send an email to info@bethtysall.co.uk