Doctor Karen Lowe has been practising cryonics all of her adult life, and every minute has been leading to this final moment – the reawakening of a human.

In the year 2045, Doctor Lowe and her team finally perfect the process, bringing back to life four adults and an eight year old boy, the doctor’s son.

Returning to a world that had changed over twenty two years, the patients cope very differently with integrating back into society, and not all of the community are pleased by it when they hear the ghastly reality of their afterlives, four living proofs which would send the whole country into disorder.

Hope however, surfaces in the face of a child, who’s experience of the afterlife would give comfort to a small group of people, but cause controversy amongst many others.

How much attention could a regular place like Scottsdale Arizona take, before something bursts at the seams? The doctor would soon find out, as her scientific breakthrough brings destruction instead of life in more realms than she could even prove exist.

“A page-turning thriller…5 stars!”  Ann Evans, author of ‘The Beast’
“An inventive and addictive  narrative, well worth a read!”
Emma Pooley, The Pudding Review